• July Blog and Life Goals!

    I find goals very important to have. They help me keep motivated as I want to acheive them. I’ve come up with a few blogging and life goals for the month of July. I decided to share them with you, that way I have more motivation to do them haha.
  • Garnier Micellar Water Review! My Experience!

    For years I have been looking for a really good makeup remover that wasn’t massively overpriced.
    Last year, I tried out the Liz Earle Clenase and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I really did love this product but, at £30 for a 200ml tube, I just couldn’t justify repurchasing.
    Since then I have been using baby wipes. I know…….a sin, but I just had them lying around and they are so quick. I got lazy.
    I then heard about the Garnier Micellar Water and how people loved it. I thought “Why not?”
  • 5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home!

    pamper yourself at home
    Everyone needs a good pamper now and again. I try to spend an hour or so a week pampering myself and relaxing. As a busy, working Mum it’s definitely much-needed chill time. I thought I would share with you 5 ways that you can pamper yourself at home, without spending loads of money.
  • Book Review: Eve Of Man

    How do I even begin to describe this book?
    Eve Of Man Review
    It had everything in it I love. Romance, action, suspense and more!
    Without giving too much away I will give you a little outline of what it’s about.
    Eve of Man is based in the future. No girls have been born for 50 years. Until Eve. Eve is then kept away from the real world until she is ready to start having children herself. She then meets Bram.
    Bram lives and works in the tower. He has been there pretty much his whole life and has never really questioned anything. He comes to a few realisations and makes some life-changing decisions.
    The first book in a planned trilogy, Eve of Man captured my interest and my heart.
  • Are My Kids Spoilt?

    Let’s kick this post off with a story about what happened this afternoon.
    I sold Lily’s highchair.
    I know, not exactly how you thought this story would start, right?
    I sold her highchair on our local facebook selling site. The person who bought it picked it up at about 4pm. That’s when the meltdown started. Because, you see, Lily loved that highchair. Not just for her, but for her baby doll. We would take the legs off so it was floor level, she would sit baby in and bring baby food. When she saw it being carried off, she burst into tears. Cue Mum guilt! It had to go though. She’s getting too big for it and she sits beautifully at the table. The highchair was taking up unnecessary space.
  • 15 Books I Want To Read This Year!

    Reading has always been a passion of mine. I love getting lost in the different worlds that aren’t my own. It’s nice to settle down at the end of a stressful day, lose yourself in a story and not have to think or worry about life. So, today, I decided to compile a list of 15 books I want to read by the end of the year. I will probably end up reading a lot more than this, but these are the ones I definitely want to get to.
  • Longleat Safari Park! Why It’s Our Favourite Place To Go!

    longleat safari
    Longleat Safari Park seems to have always been part of my life. We spent many good days there when I was younger. I remember always taking a picnic, sitting on the grass and running around the trees. I knew it was going to be a great place to take the kids. We took Dominic to Longleat for the first time when he was a baby in his pram. As he has got older, he enjoys it more and more. He always asks to go and never gets bored of seeing the animals or playing in the play areas. Lily has recently become more amazed by it all. Especially looking at the monkeys and lions.