• Let’s Talk Dummies! How We Got Rid Of Dominics!

    Dummies. Where do I start talking about dummies. It’s a topic of mixed views. Some people agree with them and others don’t. For us, Dummies were a life saver. Dominic never settled properly until he had a dummy in his mouth. Same goes for Lily. They both just needed one for comfort and they have definitely helped us out of meltdowns haha. To be honest, before having kids, I didn’t want to use one. I thought it would be so hard to get rid of them and would cause speech issues. Turns out, in our case, that was wrong.
    So how did we get rid of Dominics?
    It was surprisingly easy to get rid of Dominics dummy. I know Lily is going to be a whole different experience haha. 
  • Are My Kids Spoilt?

    Let’s kick this post off with a story about what happened this afternoon.
    I sold Lily’s highchair.
    I know, not exactly how you thought this story would start, right?
    I sold her highchair on our local facebook selling site. The person who bought it picked it up at about 4pm. That’s when the meltdown started. Because, you see, Lily loved that highchair. Not just for her, but for her baby doll. We would take the legs off so it was floor level, she would sit baby in and bring baby food. When she saw it being carried off, she burst into tears. Cue Mum guilt! It had to go though. She’s getting too big for it and she sits beautifully at the table. The highchair was taking up unnecessary space.