• Testing Aldi Skincare Products! My First Impressions!

    Aldi lacura skincare

    Skincare is something that is becoming more important to me as time goes on. If you’ve read any of my previous posts on skin care, you will know that I’m not great at sticking to a skincare routine. In my confidence post, you will see I am trying to change that and also try out new products. When I spotted a couple of these products in the Aldi specials isle, I decided to give a few more a try and see what they are like.

  • A Month Of No Foundation! Building Confidence In My Own Skin!

    Confidence is a thing I have always lacked. I’ve never been confident in myself. Whether that’s my looks, school work or in general. There’s a lot I’m not confident about. I feel like this is where my anxiety has stemed from. I constantly worry about what people think of me and I’m fed up of feeling that way. Over the next few months, I’m really going to be working on aspects I’m not happy with. Starting with confidence.
    The big one for me, is definitely my skin and how I look. I’m very pale, I constantly have red cheeks and tend to always have at least one spot.
    I have decided to really focus on my skincare and bring my confidence level up.
  • Whats On My Vanity/Dressing Table?

    Dressing tables, for me, are like handbags. No two have the same things in/on them. Being the nosy person that I am, I like to know what other people have on theirs. It’s nice to see what different products people use everyday and how big their collections are. Mine is very small at the moment. I thought I would show you what’s on mine while it’s tidy and not a dumping ground haha.
  • My August TBR! A Different Type Of Goal Setting!

    Books, books, books.
    august tbr
     I have so many I want to read and more that I haven’t even discovered yet. My list of books to read is ever growing and I feel like I will never get around to reading them all. I’ve decided to set a monthly TBR pile to try and work my way through. To me, this is like setting a reading goal for the month and I always like to hit my goals.
    I have chosen 4 books for the month of August. I think this is a good amount to start with. We are going on holiday for a week to Disneyland Paris, which will be a busy one. That means I will lose a week of reading just for that holiday. Otherwise, I think I could read more. They have all been chosen from my books to read this year list.
  • Let’s Talk Dummies! How We Got Rid Of Dominics!

    Dummies. Where do I start talking about dummies. It’s a topic of mixed views. Some people agree with them and others don’t. For us, Dummies were a life saver. Dominic never settled properly until he had a dummy in his mouth. Same goes for Lily. They both just needed one for comfort and they have definitely helped us out of meltdowns haha. To be honest, before having kids, I didn’t want to use one. I thought it would be so hard to get rid of them and would cause speech issues. Turns out, in our case, that was wrong.
    So how did we get rid of Dominics?
    It was surprisingly easy to get rid of Dominics dummy. I know Lily is going to be a whole different experience haha. 
  • 25 Things That Make Me Happy!

    Happiness is something everybody needs, wants and has. Different things make different people happy. Even on my down days, there is always something I can do to pick myself up a bit. I thought I would share some of them with you and spread the happiness.

  • What’s In My Bag? A Sneaky Look At What I Carry Around!

    whats in my bag
    Handbags are fascinating things. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. You never know what you might find in the bottom. There’s an unspoken rule that you never go in someones handbag. Even with permission you feel like you’re breaking this rule. It gives you a weird feeling, like your stealing or something.
    I thought I would show you what is in my bag. I’m a nosy person and really enjoy these types of posts and videos. It’s amazing how everyone carries differnt things around with them. I’m not really the type to carry lots of makeup around with me, but still love to see what other makeup people carry around.
  • Current Favourites!

    current favourites
    Products never really seem to change for me. I use the same products all the time because I know I like them and I’m not wasting my money. That being said, I do want to try new products.
    I thought I would share a few of the things I have been loving recently.
  • My 30 before 30 List!


    I have been coming up with my list of things I want to do before I turn 30. There’s so much I wnat to try and do and I have about 4 and a half years to complete this list. I don’t think I will end up doing everything on it though.