• Testing Aldi Skincare Products! My First Impressions!

    Aldi lacura skincare

    Skincare is something that is becoming more important to me as time goes on. If you’ve read any of my previous posts on skin care, you will know that I’m not great at sticking to a skincare routine. In my confidence post, you will see I am trying to change that and also try out new products. When I spotted a couple of these products in the Aldi specials isle, I decided to give a few more a try and see what they are like.

  • A Month Of No Foundation! Building Confidence In My Own Skin!

    Confidence is a thing I have always lacked. I’ve never been confident in myself. Whether that’s my looks, school work or in general. There’s a lot I’m not confident about. I feel like this is where my anxiety has stemed from. I constantly worry about what people think of me and I’m fed up of feeling that way. Over the next few months, I’m really going to be working on aspects I’m not happy with. Starting with confidence.
    The big one for me, is definitely my skin and how I look. I’m very pale, I constantly have red cheeks and tend to always have at least one spot.
    I have decided to really focus on my skincare and bring my confidence level up.
  • Whats On My Vanity/Dressing Table?

    Dressing tables, for me, are like handbags. No two have the same things in/on them. Being the nosy person that I am, I like to know what other people have on theirs. It’s nice to see what different products people use everyday and how big their collections are. Mine is very small at the moment. I thought I would show you what’s on mine while it’s tidy and not a dumping ground haha.
  • Current Favourites!

    current favourites
    Products never really seem to change for me. I use the same products all the time because I know I like them and I’m not wasting my money. That being said, I do want to try new products.
    I thought I would share a few of the things I have been loving recently.
  • Garnier Micellar Water Review! My Experience!

    For years I have been looking for a really good makeup remover that wasn’t massively overpriced.
    Last year, I tried out the Liz Earle Clenase and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I really did love this product but, at £30 for a 200ml tube, I just couldn’t justify repurchasing.
    Since then I have been using baby wipes. I know…….a sin, but I just had them lying around and they are so quick. I got lazy.
    I then heard about the Garnier Micellar Water and how people loved it. I thought “Why not?”
  • 5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home!

    pamper yourself at home
    Everyone needs a good pamper now and again. I try to spend an hour or so a week pampering myself and relaxing. As a busy, working Mum it’s definitely much-needed chill time. I thought I would share with you 5 ways that you can pamper yourself at home, without spending loads of money.
  • Aldi Lacura Concealer Pen First Impressions Review!

    I have decided I would like to start trying new products that are out of my comfort zone. Concealer isn’t normally classed as something “out of the comfort zone” for most people but, for me, it definitely is. I have no idea how to apply it, blend it or keep it looking fresh all day. To be honest, you probably shouldn’t take my opinion on this subject haha. However, I was browsing the aisles in Aldi and came across this concealer. I thought to myself “Why not? It’s worth a go” and for £2.99 you cant really go wrong. Into the trolley it went (probably against Simon’s will haha).