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28 Week Pregnancy Update!

28 Week Pregnancy Update!
28 week pregnant



This pregnancy is flying by and I can’t believe I am 28 (nearly 29) weeks pregnant!

I’m trying to savour every moment of this pregnancy as it’s definitely the last one haha. However, some symptoms make it impossible to enjoy!



The first symptom I’m going to talk about is shortness of breath! I don’t think I got it this early with the other two, but it is such a struggle! Even getting dressed is a mission and I end up having to sit for 5 minutes to catch my breath. I think baby is just sitting quite high up which is causing the breathlessness.

28 weeks brings heartburn and acid reflux with it most evenings. It’s one of the worst sensations ever and I just can’t sleep afterwards. I have been using Rennie tablets to try and combat it, but they aren’t really working.

My eczema has flared up too. I normally only get it when I’m stressed on my right arm, in the elbow joint, but it seems to have spread to my left elbow joint and, weirdly, my left armpit. It’s quite uncomfortable and very itchy.


Baby’s movements have been higher than normal. I think this is because she is sitting higher up now I am 28 weeks. We have also had a few scares with her movements stopping and starting. She will have days where she will move in the morning, then not again until the evening. It has got to the point where I have almost phoned the midwife and then she has gone crazy. I have bought myself a kicks count wrist band just to keep track.

We have been so busy sorting the house ready for baby to come. We currently rent a 2 bed house, so Dominic and Lily are sharing a room. Baby will be in with us for as long as we need her to be. We are hoping to move within the next year, but it’s so expensive! Trying to save while paying rent and bills can be a struggle.

On top of that, we have had to buy a new travel system as the car seat we had for Lily went a bit disgusting while being stored. That has meant we have had to spend more than we thought to get a new one that we weren’t planning on getting. We went for the Mothercare Journey in blush pink!

I think that’s it for this update! There is an update video on my YouTube channel if you fancy watching it. It’s basically this blog post in a bit more detail haha.

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