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What’s in the kids Stockings? Blogmas Day 5!

What’s in the kids Stockings? Blogmas Day 5!


Stockings can be a tricky thing to sort out at Christmas. I have struggled with these for the kids this year and last year too. I’m always looking for new ideas, so I decided I would do this post to share some ideas around.

So, what’s in the kids stockings?

stocking ideas

I debated the best way to do this post and have come to the conclusion that just listing each stocking item would be best. It would have been nice if I could have come up with something more creative, but I’m not feeling it haha.



A Christmas rotary light

Bubble bath

Jurassic World surprise bag

PJ Masks surprise egg

A Paw Patrol Squishy





A Christmas rotary light

LOL Doll surprise bag

LOL Doll activity bag

Peppa Pig surprise egg

Bubble bath


As you can see, they have a few surprise bags each. They both love opening these and seeing what they have inside. This will be the first time Lily has anything LOL Doll related. She hasn’t discovered them yet haha. All these items came from B&M. We had a good hunt round and this is what I managed to pick up.

I do have a couple more things each on order, but they haven’t arrived yet. From Amazon, Dominic has an activity ball and Lily has some bows for her hair. I also need to go to Asda and get Lily a Disneydoorable and Dominic a little Marvel figure. I think my Mum has also picked them up one thing each as we are staying at hers on Christmas Eve. She also had a little look round for me to see what she could find.

What’s in your kids stockings? Leave a comment below and let’s share some ideas!

If you would like to see the items closer, check out the video on my YouTube Channel!


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