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What we got the Kids for Christmas! Blogmas Day 10!

What we got the Kids for Christmas! Blogmas Day 10!


I’ve got a bit behind on Blogmas sorry. I had a really busy and stressful weekend. I might change my plan slightly and just post when I can. The Blogmas day will always be the date rather than the post number or I will get confused haha. We will see how it goes.

I thought I would share with you what presents we got Dominic and Lily for Christmas this year. They have 2 presents each and 1 to share.

I always ask them if there is one present they really want and this year they both wanted a scooter. Lily wanted a Peppa Pig one and Dominic asked for “a better one” haha. I think he was getting a bit embarassed by his Spiderman one.


For Lily’s second present, we decided that her baby doll needed some clothes. I found a little set with an outfit and some shoes. I think she will love dressing her doll in them.


Dominic’s second present is a Jurassic Park dinosuar dig. He loves dinosaurs and I think he will enjoy trying to dig them out and put them together.

Their joint present is a ring toss game. I thought it would be fun for them to play together or for us to play as a family.

What have you got your children for Christmas?

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