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Elf on the Shelf Ideas! Blogmas Day 3!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas! Blogmas Day 3!


elf on the shelf

Elf on the shelf is getting more and more popular every year! It’s so much fun for children to find the elf and see what they have been up to. I’ve also found it’s a great way to get them to behave haha!

For this post, I thought I would put together a few ideas for you.

I have found getting ideas can be tricky. We are on our 3rd year of Elf on the Shelf and it gets harder to think of things for him to do. I am constantly looking out for new ideas, so I thought I would share some of the ones we have done just in case you need inspiration!

First, Elf needs to make an entrance! This year our Elf, Rodney, came with a present each for the kids. He very kindly brought them a Christmas book. This made it more exciting for them as they got a little gift too.

Lets get into the ideas!

1.Eating Nutella (or any chocolate spread) out of the jar.

2. Looking out the window at the world.

3. Having a snack in the dolls highchair.

4. Hanging down from the ceiling like Spiderman.

5. Filling up on biscuits.

6. Time out for being naughty.

7. Sitting in a pot, ready to be taken on an adventure.

8. Eating dog biscuits instead of human biscuits.

9. Taking a nap

10. Roasting marshmallows over a candle (not lit, obviously haha)

11. Having a truck race.

12. Getting captured by lego figures.

13. Playing a game.

14. Hanging from the picture frames.

15. Reading a story with some other toys.

16. Rolling down the stairs in a toilet roll.

17. Bringing a special letter from Santa.

18. Putting the kids pants (and nappies) in the tree.

19. Hiding in the tree.

20. Chasing toys on a dinosaur.

21. Climbing to the top of the tree.

22. Snuggling up in the dolls pram.

23. Writing silly things on the fridge.

24. Writing a message in flour.

25. Working on the computer.

Sot that’s what our Elf has got up to in previous years. I hope these have been helpful if you’re stuck.


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