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Decorating Gingerbread Elves! Blogmas Day 15!

I know this isn’t my 15th blog post but, to save confusing myself haha, I’m just labelling them whatever the date is I put them up. Sorry if this confuses you.

An explanation!

I really wanted to complete Blogmas and post everyday, but this has not happened. I had a assignment for uni due on the 13th, so my ficus was completely on that and making it through work and being pregnant too. Now that the assignment is done, I’m hoping to get more posts out. They still might not be daily as I do work full time and have the kids to contend with haha. Maybe I will manage it next year!

Onto this post!

b&m gingerbread

Rodney the elf, brought the kids (from B&M haha) some gingerbread elf decorating kits. Dominic and Lily were so excited to open them and start decorating.

Inside the box you get:

1 Gingerbread Elf

4 Sachets of Icing

We got them all out, set up and got going.

I will say, the sachets of icing were so hard for the kids to get out, I had to help. They also weren’t very spreadable, as you can see from the pictures. If you try this kit, I would recommend popping and getting some little icing tubes and using those instead.

Dominic and Lily still had lots of fun decorating them! Then they got to try some! As they are so big, Simon broke the bottom bit off for them (and us!) to try. The biscuits taste really good!

Overall, it was a fun little activity to do and the kids really enjoyed it.

Do you decorate gingerbread men at Christmas? Do you prefer to make them yourself or buy ready made ones? 


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