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16 Weeks Pregnancy Update! Blogmas Day 2!

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update! Blogmas Day 2!


I’m 16 weeks pregnant! Time is flying by already and I’m trying to savour every moment of my last pregnancy!

I’ve labelled this as a blogmas post even though it’s not a Christmas one. Not all of my posts will be Christmas related though, as there is so much I want to write about.

After a lot of time off from blogging and completely losing my love of it for a while, I’m hoping I can get back into the swing of it now. Part of the reason for my lack of love is becuase of being pregnant. Energy levels are low right now and, with uni work too, any extra goes towards other things.

So, what’s happening in pregnancy this week?

16 weeks is supposed to be the time for energy levels to rise but mine haven’t! I was so looking forward to being out of the first trimester because I have been so low on energy. It has not returned yet. I think it’s partly because I am running around after 2 other children and working. Hopefully it will be back fully soon.

Sickness still hasn’t gone either. I am hoping it’s not going to hang around all pregnancy. It does depend on things I eat and drink sometimes though and if I’ve eaten enough!

16 week belly shot

I have had a few pains around my lower belly. This can be quite worrying, but it does depend on how I get up. I think, where everything is stretching, it’s a bit more sensitive. I don’t remember this happening around 16 weeks with the other 2, but I did have it a little bit later on when I was pregnant with Lily.

Pains in my right leg and hip have been happening if I have been sitting for too long. This has mainly been at work, when I’ve been sat on the floor and I just have to get up and stretch.

NIght time pins and needles is a new symptom for me. I wake up with pins and needles in both hands most nights. I’m not sure of the pregnancy link to this, so if you have ever experienced this leave me a comment below!

We had a midwife appointment on Wednesday 28th November and it went really well. Baby’s heartbeat was a strong 150bpm. I have also been booked in for a diabetes test in January. They said, because it’s my 3rd, my body might not process sugars as well so it’s a precaution.

Our 20 week scan date has also come through! It will be on January 3rd! I don’t know if I can wait that long, I’m so impatient haha. We will be finding out the gender and I will also announce it on here!

Exciting news!

We have officially chosen our baby names! I won’t be revealing them yet. So far only friends and family know them. I don’t know if I will reveal them or if I will wait until baby is here. I’m sure a lot of people will think 16 weeks is to early, but we had Dominic and Lily’s names chosen from around the same time.

I think that is all to update on this week. Keep an eye out for the next update. I don’t know when it will be yet.

Check out the video update on my YouTube Channel!



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