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The Importance Of Play For Young Children!

The Importance Of Play For Young Children!

importance of play

Something I have learnt over the years, by being a parent and working with young children, is children are quick learners. They pick up on every little thing you say and do. That’s just the way they are. Children are sponges!

So what’s the best way to teach them?

A lot of people will say it’s to sit down, with books or special learning activities and make them do it. That is not the case!

In fact, young children learn by playing. Sounds silly right? How can a child learn anything from playing with playdough or cars?

It’s true though. Play is the best way they can learn.

Play is very important in helping children to express themselves and build their imaginations. Children can be anxious in new situations, such as nursery, so engaging them in play can be beneficial. It can bring them out of their shells and get them communicating and interacting with others.

Playing gives children a chance to practice the skills they are learning from you. It encourages them to talk and use their vocal skills, learn physical things such as climbing and develop their cognitive skills.

Using building bricks as an example, you can take play into many other areas, not just building. Colours, shapes and counting are a few ways you can use bricks and play to develop a child’s learning. Activities and games can always be developed to help children in the best ways and encourage them to try out their new skills.

Playing is also great for developing their interests. Children can learn their likes and dislikes and share their thoughts on these. They are very curious little things and play helps them to explore safely. It means they can develop their curiosity without you having to worry.

Games can encourage sharing. My two are not massive fans of sharing but when they are playing with something they both love, an amazing thing happens. They play together. This is another essential skill they need to learn.

On the flip side of this, playing by themselves is good sometimes too. It helps them to learn a little bit of independence and that they don’t need to rely on others for fun. This will help them later on when they need to do independent study and just get out on their own.


Play with your child, see them develop and learn while being happy and safe. You will soon see just how important playing is to their development.

I hope this post made sense haha. Leave a comment with any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer them.


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