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Impress Nails: Mini Review And Why I Prefer Press Ons!

Impress Nails: Mini Review And Why I Prefer Press Ons!

impress nails

Having your nails done is a really nice treat. I love having nice looking nails and the mini hand massage you get when you have them done. However, with 2 children, I just don’t have the money (or the time) to go and spend on them. I also get bored very quickly of colours and end up picking them off (which is the worst thing you can do).

That’s why I prefer press ons. You can change them whenever you want and they are so cheap and easy to do.

Today, I’m going to talk you through a new brand of press on nails that I’ve discovered.

impress nails

I popped into Superdrug the other day on the hunt for some nails I could put on for my birthday. I normally purchase Elegant Touch ones, but I spotted these Impress Nails one instead. They were on offer (3 for 2…bargain) and only £7.99 a pack. I don’t really know why I haven’t discovered them sooner. The patterns I got are so beautiful and I love that they have a mix of plain and pattern in them.

How to Apply

First of all, select your sizes. The pack comes with various sizes of nail and you just need to measure them against your natural nails. To do this, put the press on nail over your natural nail as if you are putting it on. It says in the pack if you are stuck between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one. I did this and laid them down, in order, ready to apply.

Prep your natural nails. For this I cut, filed and pushed back the cuticles. This just makes my natural nails feel a bit nicer and makes it easier for the press ons to stick.

Next, you need to use the prep pad enclosed. This is just like a little wet wipe that you wipe over every nail.

Now it’s time to apply.

I started with my little finger and worked my way back along. They recommend leaving both thumb nails until last.

Peel off the clear backing and align with the cuticle.

Press the nails down firmly, starting with the middle and working out towards the edges. The harder you press, the stronger they stick.

Once applied you can file the nails down a bit if you want. I didn’t as I quite like the length on them.


As for removal, I have done this with one set already and I can tell you…they definitely stick well! I really struggled to get them off. All you have to do is gently peel them from the sides. If they are really stuck, you can apply some nail polish remover between them and your natural nail and leave for 1 minute. This is what I had to do in the end and it worked a treat.


So far I am loving these press ons. They stay put and look beautiful. I do struggle with general things when I have nails on though haha. I just don’t wear them enough to get used to having them.

Press on nails are great for if you have an event, like a wedding, as you don’t need to spend a lot and they are only short term.

Have you ever tried press ons? How did you find them?

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