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Goals For September And An Update On My August Ones!

Goals For September And  An Update On My August Ones!

monthly goals

Back again with some more goals. August went so quick. I think it’s because we went away to Disneyland and it’s been the summer holidays. My first one not being at work. So, with that in mind, how did I do with the goals I set for August?


I feel like I will always be learning when it comes to WordPress. There is so much that is different from blogger. I do have the basics down though I think. The things I have been struggling with is all the plugins. Which ones are important? Which ones can you live without? I just don’t know haha. Goals like this, I feel, will always be ongoing for me.


I’ve started planning a bit more in advance. I already have some Blogmas posts planned out and I’m starting to type them up too. My bullet journal has been very helpful in that sense. I’ve been able to make lists of posts I want to do and I am going to go through them, type them up and schedule them. This is going to be very important as I start my degree in October, so need to be more organised.

Taking more time over my posts is something I’m still working on. I took a week off when we went away and really thought about this. It definitely goes alongside preplanning. Sometimes an idea pops into my head and I just want to get it written down and published straight away. I don’t see a problem with this now and again, but find this is what I’m always doing at the moment. This goal needs more time and I will be carrying it over to September to continue with it.


happier thinking

I have been reading a lot more recently. I’m currently reading 4 books at once haha. Simon thinks I’m crazy, but there are just so many books I want to get too and not enough time in the world to read them. My TBR has gone a bit south this month though. I’ve had 2 books be delivered that I just wanted to read straight away. Never mind, at least I’m reading haha.

Cleaning and organising has been going well. I’ve started a “Clean with Me” series on my youtube channel which you can find here. I’ve only posted 2 so far as my original plan for the series was put on hold, thanks to the internet being down for a week. As for organising….I’m getting there. We are finding bits that we want to sell and others we have decided to just get rid of. It’s a long process though as we have a lot of stuff haha.

I have definitely enjoyed my time off work. It has helped me relax and get a bit more organised with things. I am ready to go back to work though and get our routines back in place. That’s the only problem with holidays. Routines seem to be non-existent. I’m also looking forward to going back and having adult conversation haha. Although Simon is home a lot because of his shifts, I spend most days just me and the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love being them and spending all this time with them, but there’s only so much talk of Peppa Pig and dinosaurs I can take. I’m also excited to switch from the baby room to the pre-school room. I have loads of activities I want to try out with them.

That’s the update done, now onto September’s goals.

Blogging Goals

Go through all my old posts and edit them. When I moved to WordPress, some of my posts didn’t copy over exactly how they were. I need to go through them and edit the photos and just make sure they all look ok. I may even add bits to them and update them a bit.



Learn to use Pinterest properly and not just for things that look pretty. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I can spend hours at a time on there pinning random things to random boards. It’s about time I upped my Pinterest game and started using it to help my blog grow and reach more people. It’s also a bit of mess, so I need to re-organise it.

Interact with other bloggers. I really want to work on this. Whether it be commenting on blog posts or replying to tweets. The blogging community is very important when you’re a blogger. Being shy, however, doesn’t help with interacting.

Type up my planned posts ready for when I get busier in my life. Life is about to get crazy for me. With 2 children, a full-time job, this blog, my youtube and starting my degree, it’s going to be very busy. I need to make sure I’m planning and scheduling so I can keep on top of my passions as well as just general life stuff. Along with this, I want to start looking at scheduling certain tweets and Instagram pictures, as this will save me a lot of time when promoting posts. This goals also leads me to my first lifestyle goal…

Lifestyle Goals

Create a schedule for everything. I want to create a schedule where I can fit all of the things I want and need to do in. Making sure I have time to do my degree work and my blog, but still, have loads of time for my kids and family is very important. I’ve been scanning Pinterest for some schedule ideas that would suit me, but, so far, haven’t found anything I think would help. I’m going to make my own and might do a blog post all about it when it’s done.


Going along the lines of scheduling, I also need to create a good home routine. With Dominic starting school and my work hours changing slightly, we need a routine in place. To me, it’s important that kids have a routine. I’m making it my mission to introduce a morning and nighttime routine into our lives. For me, this will also include a decent skincare routine. I have been trying out various skin care items from Aldi and I was sent a few bits from Soap and Glory to try out. I’m going to mix and match them a bit to find what suits my skin best. Anyway, went off topic there haha. Back to the routine. It’s going to be a wake-up time, bedtime, bathtime mix that we haven’t really stuck to before. A post about this will also be coming up.

diastasis recti

My final lifestyle goal is to work on correcting my Diastasis Recti. If you don’t know what that is, check out the post I’ve just done here. Basically, it’s muscle separation that I got from my pregnancy with Dominic. I never did anything about it as I knew we were having at least one more and didn’t want to work hard for it to be undone. Even though we are thinking of having a third, possibly next year, I want to work on it a little bit just so it doesn’t get worse.

So they are my goals for September. I’m hoping I can do really well with these ones and stay on top of everything. It is also my Birthday month! I’m not to bothered by my birthday though as Dominic’s is only 8 days later haha.

What are your goals for September?

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