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Clara’s Search For Magic by Alexis Hunter! A Review!

Clara’s Search For Magic by Alexis Hunter! A Review!

clara's search for magic

Children’s books, in my opinion, are very important. They teach children new words and gives them the chance to learn about various things. For example animals, occupations and just simple things like colours. I have always read to my two since Dominic was about 3 months old. Sharing old favourites of mine and discovering new ones has been so much fun. Being a reader myself, I wanted my kids to enjoy books as much as I do.

I was delighted when Alexis asked me to do a little review of her book, Clara’s Search For Magic. I knew the kids would absolutely love it.

clara's search for magic
Amazon Synopsis of the book

The headmaster of the School of Magic tells Clara that she is too ordinary to perform magic. Clara must set off on an adventure to meet a host of magical characters and discover where their magic came from in order to find her own.

I had a great time reading this to the kids. It was so much fun and a lovely little story.

clara's search for magic

At first, Dominic didn’t really want to listen to it. He thought it was too girly and he wanted to watch TV. Dominic was hooked after the first page. He kept asking what was going to happen next and if he could turn the page. This is what he said about it:

“I like the bubbles and it was great.”

Lily was very interested in the book. Being a bit younger, she did struggle with how much I had to read before going onto the next page. She still loved it though and took it off me as soon as I had finished reading it. She has been picking it up and looking through it for the last few days. When I asked her if she liked the book, she threw her arms up and shouted,


clara's search for magic

Clara’s Search For Magic has a couple of learning opportunities. There is one part in the book that goes through some different colours (I don’t want to spoil it by telling you haha). This was really good for Lily as colours are something we are currently working on with her. It made them more exciting and she managed to get a few correct which is great!

Overall, I really do love this book. I think Clara’s adventure is something a bit unique and the lesson at the end of it is positive. Older children will understand the message and there are some great little learning opportunities for younger ones.

clara's search for magic

Alexis Hunter has created a lovely book for children and I definitely recommend buying it!

You can purchase the book on Amazon for £5.99.

You can find Alexis on Twitter.



*This book was sent to me by Alexis for review. However, this does not affect my opinions and they are all my honest thoughts.

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