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Stationary Haul: What I Have Bought For Starting My Degree!

Stationary Haul: What I Have Bought For Starting My Degree!


Stationary is one of my favourite things to buy. I don’t know why, but I am always buying new notebooks and pens. Stationary shopping was always my favourite part about going back to school, so you can imagine how excited I was when I signed up for my degree.

A lot of the stationary I have purchased you will, most likely, need all round no matter what you are studying.

Notebooks and Planners

Notebooks are essential when studying. There is always something to write down. Even though most of my course is online, I know I’m going to be writing things down a lot.

First up is my Bullet Journal*. I use this every day just to keep myself on track. This is going to be so helpful when it comes to planning out my time. Between working and the kids, life will be crazy for me haha. I’m going to need to be organised when it comes to time management and my bullet journal is the key.

This project notebook is going to be really handy to have. It separate sections that I am going to use to separate assignments. You could use it to organise all your subjects if you are doing GCSE’s or A-Levels.

Next, I have this little blogging notebook. As I said earlier, planning and time management is going to be key for me. This notebook will help me organise my blog posts so I can get ahead of the game and make sure I’m keeping on top of everything.

Weekly desk organiser. This will go alongside my bullet journal. You can write 3 main tasks to get done in a day and it’s not an overload of information. I think I will write down my 3 main tasks and then refer back to my journal for any more information I may need.

Revision cards are great for helping you study. Just writing down snippets of information to learn can be a great way of remembering big chunks.

Folders and Inserts

My folder is from Aldi. Unfortunately, they don’t have it anymore but you can get folders anywhere. I’m going to be printing out everything and keeping it safe in my folder. You never know when the internet might go down, or there could be a system failure and you won’t be able to access your work. Keeping it all in one place is also a great way to be organised.

Inside my folder, I’m going to use plastic wallets and dividers. Again, this is to keep everything organised and seperated how I want it.


I love pens. You will always need a pen around, no matter what you do. Even at work, pens are like gold dust (I like to keep one in my hair haha). They are an essential part of buying stationary.

These zebra pens are my favourite. They write really nicely and are quite cheap to buy.

Fineliners* are another essential for me. I’m a visual person, so having colours and colour coding really helps me remember information. I also use these in my bullet journal for a bit if colour and design.

Highlighters are perfect for studying. I was always highlighting important pieces of information at school. Again, for me, the colours are helpful for remembering things.

Other Stationary Bits

Post it notes are handy for writing down little bits of information. I know people who would write stuff down and stick them around the house, so they would see bits here and there. I think I might use them to write down important information on a page and then leave it there so I don’t have to keep re-reading everything.

Page tabs. These will be handy in school books to mark important pages. That’s what I’m going to do. Mark important pages with these, then have a sticky note of information on that page. This will make it easier to refer back to the information you need.

Tipp-ex mice are great if you make a mistake. You can write on it straight away, unlike liquid tipp-ex where you have to wait for it to dry.


This desk tidy will be good for keeping all my pens tidy and not spread everywhere. I don’t have an office or desk area, I just sit at the kitchen table, so something like this is very useful for me.


A pencil case is something you will always need in school and for exams. I’m going to use mine for if I’m going somewhere else to study and won’t be able to take my desk tidy. That way, I can still have all the pens I need with me.

Essential Stationary I haven’t mentioned

A laptop or computer will be of great use for typing up essays/assignments. It’s essential for me as I’m studying with the Open University, so my whole degree is based online.

Depending on what you are studying, different subjects will require different things, eg for math,s you will need a maths set. So make sure you check your subjects and what you might need.

Music. For me, music is relaxing and I can’t sit in silence. I would recommend finding some nice instrumental music to study with. Harry Potter is oneIi find to be the best.

I think that is everything. I hope you have found this post useful and can now go and buy any stationary you need.

What will you need for school? Let me know if I have forgotten anything.

Check out the haul video here!

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