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A Month Of No Foundation! Building Confidence In My Own Skin!

A Month Of No Foundation! Building Confidence In My Own Skin!
Confidence is a thing I have always lacked. I’ve never been confident in myself. Whether that’s my looks, school work or in general. There’s a lot I’m not confident about. I feel like this is where my anxiety has stemed from. I constantly worry about what people think of me and I’m fed up of feeling that way. Over the next few months, I’m really going to be working on aspects I’m not happy with. Starting with confidence.
The big one for me, is definitely my skin and how I look. I’m very pale, I constantly have red cheeks and tend to always have at least one spot.
I have decided to really focus on my skincare and bring my confidence level up.

There are a few reasons I’ve decided to do this now.
Number one is the fact that it is just too hot to wear makeup at the moment any way haha. We are in the middle of a heatwave here in the UK and I just can’t deal with the makeup sliding off my face.
Second is that I ran out of my normal foundation and bought a new one to try. I chose one that I had never used before and don’t like for 2 reasons. 1. It’s very thick and 2. I bought the wrong colour.
Also, I’m just done with feeling rubbish about myself. I want to be happy in my skin and happy with my body.
To do this, I have been making sure I take my makeup off at night and use my face wash. For me, even doing these two things are a big change. I always start this and then end up not continuing. I did miss a few days, as I was just too tired to care haha. Not the attitude to have I know, but sometimes it happens.
Another thing I have been trying to do is face masks. As I have a big collection of these, I thought I would try a few out. Again, I probably haven’t done these as much as I originally wanted to, but I’ve found even one every so often has helped my skin.
Drinking water has been a big part of my current skin care. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since drinking more water. It really is true that it helps your skin and makes you feel better in general.

I still have issues with my skin and I don’t think this will ever change. I am, however, more confident to go out without any make up on and don’t mind showing off my flawed skin haha. By flaws, I mean the things I don’t like. As you can see from the pictures, I have a lot of redness, spots and moles. I hate these 3 things! I know spots are pretty normal, but I have a lot of moles on my face and my arms. Honestly I don’t mind the freckles, I think they are nice and I can live with them. I am learning to let the littles things go and just be happy with how I look. The only thing I really have to do is fill in my eyebrows. I have good reason for this though…they are non existent if I don’t haha.

I feel like this month has definitely helped me with my new positive attitude. Small steps haha. Next, I will be working on body image and losing a bit of weight.
Leave a comment down below with skincare recommendations! I need new products to try haha!





2 thoughts on “A Month Of No Foundation! Building Confidence In My Own Skin!”

  • Well done you for embracing your natural beauty! And I agree that it’s been way too hot for make up lately 😂

    In terms of skincare recommendations, you’re doing great already in upping your water intake. I use a great cleanser from the Body Shop. It’s a camomile cleansing oil. It goes onto dry skin then I take it off with a warm, wet facecloth/flannel. It removes every trace of make up as well! It’s £12 a bottle and lasts for AGES 👍

    • Thanks 😊 I will have to try that out! I love the Body Shops hand creams and want to try some more of their products and that one sounds amazing! X

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