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Goals For August & An Update On My July Goals! Did I Manage Them?

Goals For August & An Update On My July Goals! Did I Manage Them?

Another month is over. Time is flying by this year. Before we know it, it will be Christmas! I have so much to do before that time comes around. I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in. This is why setting monthly goals is important for me. It helps me keep on top of stuff and need/want to do.

august goals

I’ve set myself some more blog and lifestyle goals for August, but we will start with an update on July’s goals.


I have managed to keep up with my schedule (mostly). There has been the odd day I have skipped, due to being tired from working and keeping up with the kids.

I feel like my photography skills have improved slightly. I am still working on this though and hope to keep getting better. Photography, for me, is something that I will always be learning about.

beauty photography

I still haven’t been very good at planning posts in advance. I think working every day and having the kids, makes it hard to actually sit down and write loads of posts at once. I will be putting this back on my goals list for August.


I failed my no spend month! I was terrible at it this time around. I’ve done it before and it’s gone really well. I think, this month, we just had so much on with Simon going away in the middle and then we went away at the of the month. We were a bit too ambitious with this one haha.

I didn’t set up a cleaning schedule, but have planned a few cleaning videos for my YouTube channel. Hopefully, this will help us keep on top of it better. I’m not spending all the time doing it, for it to become a mess again haha.

I have been reading a bit more. Still not as much as I want though. This another one to carry over to August. I have a long list of books that I still want to read and a list of ones I want to buy.

I did quite well with skincare this month. I did a whole month without foundation and focused on my skin a lot more. I’ve got into quite a good routine with it, so the real challenge is sticking to it haha.


Now we move onto the goals for August


Learn how to use my new WordPress self-hosted site. I’ve just switched over from blogger to WordPress self-hosted and it was tricky. I need to go through all my posts and edit them, as the switch messed with some of the layouts a bit. Also, I need to learn how to use WordPress properly and all about plugins! There are so many, I need to find the best ones.

Plan posts in advance. Bringing this one back this month as I will have a bit more time to do it. I am now off work until September 10th, so will have more hours in the day to focus on it.

Take more time over my posts. I tend to rush these posts to get them up quickly, on the same day. I feel like this one goes with planning. If I can plan my posts better, I won’t be rushing them. Same goes for photos. If I know what posts I have planned, I can take photos in bulk and save myself some time.


Stick to my August TBR. This might be tricky, what with going to Disneyland, but I’m going to give it my all. I want to make a certain time of day where I sit down and read. This will probably be in the evening, right before bed.

book stack

Clean and organise the house. As I have a fair few weeks off, I’m hoping to really sort this house out. We have a unit in the living room that doesn’t match anything else. I really want to get rid of it. It’s big and bulky too. My plan is to empty it of the rubbish it holds, break it up and get rid. I haven’t spoken to Simon about this yet haha. The house also needs a good deep clean. Every shelf and surface needs to be wiped and the floors need a clean. It’s on my plan haha.

Enjoy my time off. I feel like my list of goals cancels this one out as they all seem quite stressful. I think, as long as I make time to relax, achieving these goals will make my time off more enjoyable. We also have Disneyland to look forward too. Only a week left!

What are your goals for August?



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