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Diastasis Recti: My Experience And Plans For Rectifying It!

Diastasis Recti: My Experience And Plans For Rectifying It!

Living with Diastasis Recti has been hard. I originally got it when I was pregnant with Dominic. It then continued into my pregnancy with Lily and, I think, got worse. I should probably have got mine sorted ages ago, but knew we wanted more children and I didn’t want to work hard to sort it out, to then have it ruined. In this post, I’m going to talk about why I’m ready to sort it out and how I’m going to do it.

So what is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is very common in pregnancy. It’s a separation of the stomach muscles that leaves a gap and allows your belly to pop out a bit. If they do not come back together naturally, like mine haven’t, it can be hard to rectify without intervention.

How do I know if I have it?

I found a very helpful video on YouTube that showed me how to check for it. Basically, Lie flat on your back with your knees bent. Take your hand and place your fingers above your belly button, parallel to your knees. Gently lift your head, neck and shoulders. You should be able to feel your stomach muscles clench around your fingers. Check how many fingers you can fit in the gap. I can get 3, which isn’t great. I believe, if you can fit one finger in that’s normal, but don’t quote me on that.

How I feel about it

Honestly, I hate it. I have such low confidence because my belly is always hanging over my clothes and sticking out. I get back and stomach pain if I’ve done too much lifting. When reading up about it, I’ve learned you shouldn’t lift too much as this can make it worse. With my job and 2 children, it’s hard not to lift things. I feel like I’ve left it too late to sort it out myself, but I’m going to give it a go anyway. Posting these pictures is a big thing for me because I really do hate my body. I’ve tried exercising before but never realised there were certain exercises that can make it worse. I’ll go into these further on in the post.

Why I am ready to sort it out

Although we are thinking about another child next year, I want to get started with rectifying my Diastasis Recti. Mainly because I don’t want it getting any worse than it is. I’m hoping any exercises I do now to help, will continue to help whenever I get pregnant next. That way, it might prevent it and carry on helping, so I won’t have so much work to do next time.

What I’m going to do

I have been scrolling through Pinterest and YouTube for some safe exercises I can do to help. There are exercises you shouldn’t do as it can make it worse. I found this out after doing most of these exercises. They are:




Double Leg Raises

Bicycle Legs

I’m sure there are more and I know there are a few yoga positions to avoid as well.

I will be doing more research on the exercises I can do and will do a post about them. I may even include some photos of how to do them or a YouTube video.

Another thing I will probably end up doing is seeing my GP. I recommend you do this anyway as I’m no expert on this. They may be able to give ideas on how to help or refer you to a physiotherapist. I was told that after I had Dominic and I never listened. I’m definitely regretting that decision now.

I’m going to end this post here as it was just a little introduction one. I will do updated posts as time goes on and, possibly, YouTube videos too. One thing I will say before I go is…

If you have Diastasis Recti, see a doctor and get it sorted. I should have done it ages ago and now I really have my work cut out for me.

Do you have Diastasis Recti? How have you rectified it or what are you going to do? Leave me a comment!

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