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Whats On My Vanity/Dressing Table?

Whats On My Vanity/Dressing Table?
Dressing tables, for me, are like handbags. No two have the same things in/on them. Being the nosy person that I am, I like to know what other people have on theirs. It’s nice to see what different products people use everyday and how big their collections are. Mine is very small at the moment. I thought I would show you what’s on mine while it’s tidy and not a dumping ground haha.

ikea dressing table
The table itself is from Ikea. We got it a bit cheaper than normal as it’s an ex-display one. There are a few marks and stuff on it, but that doesn’t bother me. I love it! It looks nice and is very practical. To be honest, I don’t sit here much due to the light being blocked by the wardrobe. I would love to sit here more and take time over my makeup.  Let’s dive in and see what I have.
From the top view, you can see that I have a lot of stuff on top and in the drawers. There is one drawer on either side of the table and a main drawer that pulls out. This drawer is seperated into 3 sections. At first, I didn’t know if I liked that or if I wanted it to be one big drawer, but it’s actually very handy.
In the left hand section I keep all my makeup palletes. I don’t have many, so they all sit quite nicely in here. The middle area houses extra makeup that isn’t everyday stuff for me. Compared to others, I have the bare minimum haha. The right side section has all sorts of hair accessories. I don’t actually know what’s in there haha.


In the top left drawer, I keep various stationary bits and loads of pens. I’m a bit of a pen hoarder haha. It’s definitely a good place to keep them as it stops the top being cluttered. We don’t have room for a desk as well, so the dressing table doubles up.
On top of that drawer I keep all my body sprays, perfumes, hand creams and other little bits and bobs. I can see what I have and means I can easily grab what I need.
The top left drawer houses my face masks. It’s just the right size for them. The only problem I’ve found is I have to choose one before I go to the bathroom, but that’s not too much trouble. I’m just lazy haha.
The top of this one tends to be for Simons sprays and bits. He doesn’t keep a lot in here, most of his stuff is in the bathroom. We also have an air freshner on here.


In between the drawers is where I keep my everyday makeup bag. There is also some Werthers, Lily’s dummy and some of Dominic’s cars. You can see why this becomes a dumping ground haha. Behind my makeup bag I have my welcome card from Soap and Glory. I’m so proud to be one of their Babes Of Glory, as it’s a big achivement for me and my blog.
On the far left, I have a notebook, my hairbrush and Pandora jewellery box.
That’s all I have on/in my dressing table. I don’t really have a lot of beauty products on here as I don’t have a lot haha. I may end up needing a bigger area if I continue to grow my collection.
What do you keep on your dressing table/vanity?


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