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What’s In My Bag? A Sneaky Look At What I Carry Around!

whats in my bag
Handbags are fascinating things. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. You never know what you might find in the bottom. There’s an unspoken rule that you never go in someones handbag. Even with permission you feel like you’re breaking this rule. It gives you a weird feeling, like your stealing or something.
I thought I would show you what is in my bag. I’m a nosy person and really enjoy these types of posts and videos. It’s amazing how everyone carries differnt things around with them. I’m not really the type to carry lots of makeup around with me, but still love to see what other makeup people carry around.

michael kors bag
The bag itself is a Michael Kors bag. I’ve had it for around 3 years and its main purpose is my work bag. It’s big enough to fit my lunch and anything else I may need to take with me. It’s going to be very useful when I start my uni course in October, as I can carry any books and stationary I need. When we go away it also houses my laptop and other electrical items. The bag has 2 main pockets and a zip pocket in the middle, with some phone pockets on either side.
I thought it would be easier if I broke this post down into the seperate sections. That way, you can see what goes in each section and how unorganised I am haha.
In the front section, I have:
Sunglasses – These are my (old) prescription Tommy Hilfigure sunglasses. I really need to go and get some new ones, as my prescription has changed.
Purse – My purse is a recent purchase from Radley. I love their purses and bags and have my eye on a new bag from them haha.
A Lollipop – I think Dominic may have put that in there haha.
Kevin the Carrot shopping bag – I got this in Aldi last Christmas and I must say, it comes in very handy and looks adorable.
A picture of Dominic – He came with me to work one day and they took this photo of him. He doesn’t look very happy haha.
Lily’s hair tie – She pulled it out, so I just chucked it in.
A toy car – Another little gift from Dominic
My keys – Got to have your keys in your bag.
Extra Spearmint gum – I always have some with me. You never know when you might need it.
Some rubbish and crumbs haha.
In the back section, I have:
A Sainsburys reciept
Werthers Originals – one of my favourites. They fell out of the big packet, so I just left them there haha.
More rubbish!
This is the pocket that will carry my laptop if needed. It will also be the one I use when I need to carry uni work around. That’s why it’s pretty much empty.
In the zip up middle section, I have:
Ibuprofen – I get headaches a lot, so tend to have some with me.
Cold and flu tablets – Again, you never know haha.
Carex hand gel in the scent Strawberry Laces – I honestly didn’t know this was in here, but definitely handy to have.
Pads – An essential!
Gigi Hadid lipstick in Mccall – I love this lipstick. It’s a lovely nude colour.
Rimmel lipstick in Dark Night Waterl-oops – This is a berry colour and I love it for the Autumn.
Headphone splitter – Another item I didn’t know I had in my bag haha.



So, that is all that is in my bag. It has now had a good clear out and a clean. I really love the size of this bag and what I can fit in it. I don’t use it as my everyday bag as it can be quite heavy to carry around all day.
What do you carry in your bag? Is it full of rubbish like mine?

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