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Let’s Talk Dummies! How We Got Rid Of Dominics!

Dummies. Where do I start talking about dummies. It’s a topic of mixed views. Some people agree with them and others don’t. For us, Dummies were a life saver. Dominic never settled properly until he had a dummy in his mouth. Same goes for Lily. They both just needed one for comfort and they have definitely helped us out of meltdowns haha. To be honest, before having kids, I didn’t want to use one. I thought it would be so hard to get rid of them and would cause speech issues. Turns out, in our case, that was wrong.
So how did we get rid of Dominics?
It was surprisingly easy to get rid of Dominics dummy. I know Lily is going to be a whole different experience haha.Β 

We waited until Dominic was about 2 and a half. I felt like this was a good time to start the transition. We had Lily on the way, so I wanted it gone and for him to not be bothered by it by the time she came.
Our first step was to limit when he had it. We went down to him only having it for sleep times. This worked well and he adjusted quickly. I just made him put it on his bed in the morning and after nap time. That way, he knew it was still there he just couldn’t have it all the time.
( A very old picture of Dominic! He was so small! This was taken way before we decided to give up the dummy, but I couldn’t find one from around that time haha)
We were about 2 weeks into this routine, when we thought he had left his dummy at nursery. This caused a bit of a meltdown. I could not find that dummy anywhere. I calmly told him he would have to go to bed without it, convincing him we would get it back the next day. He agreed to this and went to bed happy, without his dummy! He fell asleep quickly and slept all the way through!
I later found the dummy on the dining table and just decided to bin it and any others I could find. Strangely, he never mentioned it. He never cried for one or asked for it. I was amazed! I had read stories about how difficult it was and I was a bit worried about the process.
As for his speech… I haven’t noticed anything wrong with it. He gets a bit of a stutter when he’s tired and that’s about it.
I’m not saying this will happen for everyone because, chances are, it was just luck. I know Lily is going to be difficult with hers. I have already tried to start the process of elimination and it hasn’t gone well. She is still little though, so I think we will wait until she’s the age Dominic was.
Her speech is really good. Again, no issues so far. The only thing I have noticed with her is, if she talks with her dummy in, she dribbles a lot!
I’m crossing my fingers that she will be just as easy haha!
I hope this helped give you ideas on how to start the process. Obviously, all children are different and take to things differently.
Do you have any other tips for getting rid of the dummy? Leave them in the comments, I may need them for when it’s Lilys turn haha!


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