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July Blog and Life Goals!

I find goals very important to have. They help me keep motivated as I want to acheive them. I’ve come up with a few blogging and life goals for the month of July. I decided to share them with you, that way I have more motivation to do them haha.

Blogging Goals

Keep up with my schedule. I’ve recently changed my schedule from one post a week, to two posts. I’m hoping I can keep up with this. It’s taken some planning and needing an evening of just blog stuff but I’ve had so much fun doing it this month.


Get better at photography. My photography and editing skils aren’t as good as other peoples. I know I shouldt’n compare myself to others, but when you see beautiful photos on blogs and Instagram, it can make you feel inadequate. I’ve just bought myself an Olympus E-PL8, so I’m practicing using that and will hopefully have better quality photos.


Plan posts in advance. This ties in with the schedule one. I’ve seen on Twitter, a few people who have posts planned until September! That seems crazy to me. I like to think I’m organised, but that’s another level I need to reach haha. I have a load of draft posts just waiting for the content. I’m going to try work on these and come up with some more great ideas.
Life Goals
Complete a no spend month. I’ve done a few of these before and seen how much money I waste on crap. I still go back the next month and spend, spend, spend though. I want to learn from it this month. We are going to Disneyland in August, so need all the money we can get. We are also trying to save to  move to a bigger rental next year and I need to pay off the camera next year too. I got it on buy now, pay next year so I want the money saved up ready to just pay it off. We also have a few other bits we want to save for, so doing a few no spend months will be helpful. I might do a post on no spend months with all the rules we set ourselves haha.
Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Cleaning is the worst part of being an adult. I hate cleaning. It has to be done though. We both find that we don’t want to do it when we finish work and have no time in the morinings for it. I want to make a little schedule of daily things that take, maybe, 15 minutes at a time and a few weekly things that take a bit longer. I’m hoping it will help us keep more on top of it all, as it won’t look so much if we do a few things a day.

Read more. I’ve really fell off the reading wagon this month. I read one book which isn’t bad, but I like to read more than that. I’ve put The Book Thief away because I just dreaded picking it up. The story is great but, I think, it’s just such a big book I  didn’t want to read it. Ive now picked up A Court Of Mist and Fury and am loving it. I hope this gets me out of my reading slump.


Skincare. I really want to focus on my skincare this month. Mainly because it’s so hot and I don’t want to wear foundation every day haha. I always get in a good routine and then one day I’m either ill or too tired to do it. My skin is crying out for some care though.
What are your goals for the month of July?


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