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Longleat Safari Park! Why It’s Our Favourite Place To Go!

longleat safari
Longleat Safari Park seems to have always been part of my life. We spent many good days there when I was younger. I remember always taking a picnic, sitting on the grass and running around the trees. I knew it was going to be a great place to take the kids. We took Dominic to Longleat for the first time when he was a baby in his pram. As he has got older, he enjoys it more and more. He always asks to go and never gets bored of seeing the animals or playing in the play areas. Lily has recently become more amazed by it all. Especially looking at the monkeys and lions.

looking at animals

Last year, we decided to go ahead and get annual passes. I’m so glad we did. We have been about 4 times already this year and know there will be many more trips. It’s definitely a money saver if you go lots like us. I think we have already saved 2 trips worth of ticket prices. The other great thing about annual passes is the discounts. You get discounts in the shops, restaurant and even entry price for others. My Mum has said she will come with us in the summer when Simon’s working. She will benefit from a discount on her entry because I have an annual pass. They are expensive, we paid £275 for ours, but they were definitely worth it. You can upgrade to an annual pass while you are there or purchase them through their website.

longleaf annual pass

The Longleat Safari

The safari is an amazing thing to do. You get close to lots of different animals including lions, camels and zebras. At the start, you can get out and get up close to the giraffes. On our last trip, we actually got to feed the giraffes, which was so exciting. The kids are always fascinated by the animals and point out everything they can see, asking a million questions. There are warnings around the safari about animals damaging your car. The main ones are the monkeys and the deer. So far, the monkeys have done no damage to my car, just climbed up to explore. I love this, as you can really see them and how cheeky they are. The deer, on the other hand, have damaged my car. We decided one time to feed them and when we ran out of food, one decided to scratch my car. I don’t mind though, its the risk you take. They do have a safari bus you can go on if you really don’t want to take your car around.
longleat animals
longleat giraffes

The Main Park

Inside the main park, there is plenty more to do and see. They have more animals from snakes and rabbits to penguins and meerkats. There is a boat ride where you can feed the sea lions, see the gorillas and, if you can spot them, the hippos. A little train also takes you around the park to see some sights. The play areas are so much fun for the kids. There’s a little soft play with a huge ball pool and some areas with slides and other play equipment. Dominic loves the little ride they have. He will go on that as many times in a row as we let him. He also likes seeing the snake. Sometimes he will hold it, other times he just wants to look. If you’re feeling adventurous, they have a massive hedge maze to explore. We haven’t done that with the kids yet, but we are planning to do it next time we go.
longleaf play area
longleat animals

House and Gardens

You can also go inside and explore Longleat House for a bit of history. I really want to go in with the kids but think they are a bit too young at the moment and I don’t think they will like it. One day, we will go inside and have a look around. The gardens are also beautiful, with lots of pretty flowers to look at. I want to take my better camera one day and just go around taking photos of them all.

The Food

With a restaurant, cafe and lots of food stalls around, there is plenty of choice when it comes to eating at Longleat. Normally, we will take a picnic and sit under the trees so the kids can run around. We have tried the restaurant and cafe for food and really enjoyed them. They are reasonably priced and the food is delicious.
longleat food


Throughout the year, Longleat have lots of events on. They do a lights display every year called The Festival of Light. We have been to a couple and absolutely love looking at all the pretty lights and displays. Currently, they have a predators event going on and have lots of animatronic animals around the park. They are also doing a partnership with The National Museum about T-Rex’s and I know Dominic is going to love it. This year, they also have a Sky Safari and Military Spectacular on. For more information on all their events, definitely go over to the website. I’m looking forward to going to some of these events, as I think the kids will enjoy them too.
I’ve done a few Longleat vlogs over on my YouTube Channel, if you want to see how much we really do love it!
Longleat is definitely one of my favourite places on Earth!
longleat lanyard
Have you ever been to Longleat? Let me know you’re experience in the comments!
*This post is not sponsored by Longleat Safari Park! That would be amazing though haha.

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