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Interview With A 4 Year Old! Bringing Back An Old Post!

Bringing back this post from before I revamped my blog. I had a lot of fun asking Dominic these questions. Tempted to do another one with different questions. Wonder if I can get Lily to do one? Probably not haha.
I hope you enjoy his answers.

1. What’s your name? Dominic
2. How old are you? 4
3. What do you like watching on T.V? Blaze and My Little Pony
4. What’s your favourite food? Broccoli
5. What’s your favourite colour? Red and all the colours
6. What do you want to be when you grow up? Hulk
7. What makes you laugh? When Daddy goes “Ahhhhh”
8. What makes you sad? When Daddy puts me on the naughty step
9. What makes you angry? When Lily wakes me up
10. How old is Mummy? I don’t know……..5 
11. How old is Daddy? 4
12. Who is your best friend? Maeve, Riley and everybody
13. What makes Mummy happy? I don’t know
14. What makes Mummy sad? When I shout
15. What makes Daddy happy? When I don’t shout
16. What makes Daddy sad? When I bubble *Makes funny noise*
That’s all the questions I asked Dominic this time. I did film it as well, so check that out here!


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