My Life With Two Little Lovelies!

Are My Kids Spoilt?

Let’s kick this post off with a story about what happened this afternoon.
I sold Lily’s highchair.
I know, not exactly how you thought this story would start, right?
I sold her highchair on our local facebook selling site. The person who bought it picked it up at about 4pm. That’s when the meltdown started. Because, you see, Lily loved that highchair. Not just for her, but for her baby doll. We would take the legs off so it was floor level, she would sit baby in and bring baby food. When she saw it being carried off, she burst into tears. Cue Mum guilt! It had to go though. She’s getting too big for it and she sits beautifully at the table. The highchair was taking up unnecessary space.


So, what did I do?

I tried distracting her with toys, Peppa Pig and playdough. She was having none of it. She just kept yelling “chair, chair”.
My next option?
Go onto Argos and see if our local store had any ready to pick up straight away. Luckily, they did. Of course I then had to find something of similar price for Dominic. No way could I leave him out. He chose a Catboy watch and off we went in the car to pick them up.



Does this make my kids spoilt?

In my eyes, no it doesn’t.
What’s a few treats here and there?
In all honesty, I have never rushed off like that to get something for them before and don’t feel guilty for doing it today. I often buy them little treats when I pop to the shop or we buy them a little something when we are out. The other day they had a book each. We don’t spend hundreds at a time. If I had the money I would, I’m not going to sit here and say I wouldn’t.
So, what’s the definition of “spoilt child”?
Wikipedia describes a spoilt child as “a derogatory term aimed at children who exhibit behavioral problems from being overindulged by their parents.”
A lot of the time when I’m out, I question whether we have the money to get them something. A lot of the time we don’t and have to say no, no matter how much fuss they make. So, I don’t think my chidren fall into the category as “spoilt”. I also know that everyone has their own opinions on what spoilt is and they will think what I did today makes my kids spoilt. That’s just what they believe and I would undertsand their views.



I know they can’t always get what they want and they don’t. We tend to say “Let’s put it on your Birthday list” or “Let’s check how many pennies you have in your jar”. If it’s something they really want, this is what we do or they will just forget about it and never mention it again haha.

What would you class as a “spoilt child”? I want to know your views. Leave a comment and let me know.

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