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20 Facts About Me!

I thought I would kick the blog off with a little get to know me post. The best way to do this is to give you some random facts about me.
1. I never finish a cup of Tea or Coffee. I don’t know why I just never finish one. My Mum doesn’t like making me one anymore as I never drink it haha.
2. I am a homebody. I do enjoy going out and seeing my friends, but home is definitely where I love to be.

3. I’m an over-thinker. I overthink everything. It’s definitely not good for me as it sets off my anxiety.
4. I can write with my right and left hand. Right hand comes more natural and is a lot neater, but its nice to know I have a backup if anything was to happen haha. I also switch hands when doing my mascara, so no mascara on the nose for me.
5. My favourite animal is a lion. I think this stems back to The Lion King being my favourite film when I was younger.
6. Marc Jacobs, Daisy is my favourite perfume. I do want to try some Jo Malone perfumes though, as I have heard great things about them.
7. Harry Potter has been an obsession of mine since I first read it at 9 years old. We have been to the studio tour and I really want to go to Florida and go to Harry Potter world.
7.5 Cheeky extra fact. I’m a Slytherin. I always thought I was a Hufflepuff.
8. I rarely make my bed. I know, thats bad, but I’m really not fussed about it. No-one goes in our room but us. I really should start though.
9. I don’t eat breakfast. Another bad one, I know. It’s something I’m definitely working on.
10. We currently don’t have any pets. (At the time of planning this post we didn’t, now we have a hamster haha.) I would really love to get cats in the future and a dog too. I grew up with dogs and we had a cat as well.
11. I’m a very fussy eater. Theres not much I’ll eat in the way of salad and healthy stuff haha. I’m trying to eat more fruit and have been making smoothies most days, which is good for me.
12. I always make lists. We have lists coming out of our ears in this house. I make cleaning lists, mainly so it motivates me to get stuff done. I should probably make one of them now haha.
13. I’m rubbish at doing makeup. I used to think I was good at it, but now I just don’t do it enough. I do basics and thats it. That’s all I need for work. I might start trying it out again for when we go out and see how I get on with it.
14. I read a lot. I love reading and find it calming. It’s also a good stress relief as you can be transported to another world and just relax. Expect some book reviews to pop up here and there.
15. I can’t sing, but do anyway. My neighbours must hate me haha. I always have music on when I’m cleaning and end up singing along. Normally to Harry Styles or Beyonce haha. The car is the best place to sing though. I tend to look like a crazy person when I drive.
16. I have 5 tattoos and want to get more. I have a whole Pinterest board full of ideas. Maybe I’ll do a post all about tattoos (adds it to the ever growing list of ideas haha).
17. I’m not a fashion persona and tend to wear the same things. I think it’s because I don’t feel comfortable in a lot of things, as I haven’t lost much baby weight from having the kids. Also, I don’t have the money to go shopping for clothes every few months. Especially when the kids are growing. They need stuff more than I do. I get to go every now and then which is nice. I’m going to be having a big clear out soon and might find some nice things to sell. Then, I will use the money to get some nice new stuff ready for the summer.
18. Simon (my Husband) and I have been together for just over 7 years. As cheesy as it sounds, I couldn’t imagine my life without him now. We’ve had our ups and downs, like most people and we always pull through. He’s my rock.

19. I work in childcare. I look after babies mainly. It’s definitely a tough job, to do that all day then come home to my own kids, but I do love it. I’m planning on starting my degree this year too which is exciting.

20. I’m generaly a happy person and try to be as positive as possible. Obviously, I have them times when I’m not and I struggle, but who doesn’t.

I hope that gave you a bit of information about me. Just to go a bit more in depth if your new here. My name is Amy. I’m married to a wonderful man called Simon and we have 2 beautiful children, Dominic (4) and Lily (1). I’ve been blogging on and off for a good few years and I’m now really trying to do it more regularly. I also have a YouTube Channel where I upload vlogs of our day to day life and other random little videos, so go check it out.

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